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Long-burning candles are our specialty. Nowhere else will you find the highest quality ingredients at such a reasonable price!  All of our candles are individually hand-poured and feature 100% cotton wicks.  We're pleased to use only the finest thick, treated glassware made in the USA especially for candles. Each jar candle is wicked with safety wicks, meaning your candle will extinguish itself when only 1/2" of wax remains at the bottom.
Because of the unique combination of our food-grade natural wax and special blending recipes, you'll find that Colorado Candle Co. candles burn up to 3 times longer than most...guaranteed!


Sand and Shells Tea Light Holder Man-In-A-Can tm
Our Price: $3.20
Our Price: $8.00
Sand and Shell Tealight Holder
The ultimate gift for only $5.00
Scented with a gorgeous fresh, cologne fragrance.
40 hr. burn time
"Love Songs" Birdcage Tealight/Placecard Holder Travel Buddy
Our Price: $6.95
Our Price: $2.99
"Love Songs" Birdcage Tealight/Placecard Holder These little travel buddies are the perfect size to carry with you, give as a gift or combine with others to create your own fragrance blend.  Travel buddies burn for 15 hours and feature cotton safety wicks, meaning your candle will extinguish itself.
Tan-In-A-Can tm
Our Price: $8.00
The ultimate gift for only $5.00
Scented with a gorgeous fresh, beach fragrance.
40 hr. burn time



Top Sellers

Large jar candle
Our Price: $18.00
Tea Lights
Our Price: $7.99